Rhella 3-Way Hydraulic Separator

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Rhella  3-Way 1-¼” x 1″ 304 Stainless Steel Hydraulic Separator with NPT Connections.

  • 1-¼” MNPT primary loop connections
  • 1″ MNPT secondary loop connections
  • 1/2″ FBSP Air vent on top
  • 1/2″ FNPT drain on the bottom
  • 1/2″ FNPT on side for makeup water
  • Insulation jacket

Hydraulic Separators separate the primary and secondary loops, reduce the speed of flow allowing air bubbles to be vented and dirt to settle to the bottom to be drained.

LLH206 Hydraulic Separator
LLH20630-1/4"4"2 x 1-¹⁄4" MIP6 x 1" MIP1/2" FIP1/2" GF8.4 lbs

Additional information

Weight 8.4 lbs
Dimensions 32.5 × 8.5 × 4 in

Rhella LLH204 and 206 Cut Sheet