Rhella FST024 Floor Sensing Thermostat

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Rhella FST024  floor sensing thermostat

The FST024 is a radiant floor heating thermostat with an external temperature sensor featuring a 4.3’’ touch sensitive and user-friendly LCD display


  • Radiant Floor Heating
  • Pulse Width Modulation
  • Floor Temperature Control
  • Floor Temperature Display
  • Backlight
  • Included Floor Sensor

Thermostat       FST024 Single Zone Heat Only
Control Microprocessor control.
Packaged Weight 0.97lb(440g)
Dimensions 136 x 94 x 26mm
Enclosure White PVC Plastic
Ambient Conditions Indoor use only, 32 to 122℉ (0 to 50℃), RH≤90% non-condensing
Power 24V AC, 50/60HZ, 1.8va Standby, 56VA max fully loaded,       Class 2
Relay 30V 2A, Class 2 circuits
Sensor NTC thermistor, 10KΩ@77℉ (25℃±0.2℃) β=3950
Operating range -58 to 140℉ (-50 to 60 ℃)
Warranty Limited 2 Year


  1. During the installation avoid dropping or otherwise damaging the Thermostat. In case of manufacturing defects please contact your vendor.
ON/OFF Settings                        

When the thermostat is powered on, it displays the default information. Press again to toggle it off.

   Temperature Setting  

While in default display mode, press ˄ or ˅ to set the target floor temperature. After adjusting the temperature, the thermostat will automatically save the setting in 3 seconds if no other buttons are pressed. The temperature range is adjustable from 5~60℃ (41-140℉).

   Call for Heat                       

1. When the floor’s temperature drops 1℃/2℉ lower than the preset temperature, the thermostat will call for heat and the display will show “Heat on”.

2. When the floor’s temperature is 1℃/2℉ higher than the preset temperature, the thermostat will stop calling for heat and the “Heat on” message will disappear

When the thermostat is OFF: press ˅ for 3 seconds to enter the configuration interface. Default values and options are below:

NO. Parameter Settings Range Default Note
000 Temperature Calibration -5~5℃(-10~10℉) 0
001 Backlight 0,1 0 0: OFF 1: ON
002 Celsius/Fahrenheit 0,1 1 0: ℃  1: ℉
003 Key Volume 0,1 1 0: Mute 1: ON
004 Thermostat ON or OFF after power loss 0,1,2 0 0: OFF 1: ON 2: Last State
005 Version No. 10 10
006 Factory Reset 0~255 52 To reset change to 55 and press

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

FST024 Thermostat Manual